This is a great tasting and easy to make pizza base which is much higher in protein and lower in carbs than your standard pizza base. Ingredients: 120g ricotta 110g mozzarella 200g egg whites 80g all purpose/gluten free flour 20g coconut flour 8g baking powder if you feel like one serving isn’t enough then include a salad or side of veggies. Directions: 1. Preheat your oven to 270 C (or[…]

Is a Ketogenic or High Fat Low Carb Diet Suitable for Crossfit Athletes? Summary: A Ketogenic or High Fat Low Carb Diet is a sustainable option for recreational Crossfitters and can help to aid in improved body composition, namely lower body fat mass, as well as potentially providing additional health benefits. However, competitive Crossfitters require higher levels of glycogen for performance than can be provided on a Ketogenic or High[…]